Handhelds & Bowls


All Burgers and Sandwiches come with your choice of one regular side, or a deluxe side for an additional 2.50

Build Your Own Burger
Add a Meat
pork or brisket
Make it Melty
Add cheddar or queso
Two 4 oz onion grilled smashburger patties on a Martin's soft potato bun with coleslaw, pickles and white sauce. Served with a side. Smashing! You can add cheese or bacon for 2.25!
Fresh Handhelds
Smashing Patty Melt
A grilled cheese sandwich and a burger fall in love, get married and have a baby. They name her Patty. Or... Its 4 oz of bbq grilled onion smashburger tucked into a double cheddar cheesy grilled cheese on sourdough. And a side. Wow.
Tennesee Fried Chicken/Cauliflower Samwich
Buttermilk fried chicken or cauliflower or smoked chicken. Pickles, coleslaw and white sauce on a Martin's soft potato bun
Your choice of your favorite 'que served on a Martin's soft potato bun with coleslaw, pickles and white sauce. Pick your side.
BBQ Melt
Brisket, Chicken or Pork on a double cheddar grilled sourdough with bbq onions. Served with your favorite side.


Southern Caesar
Romaine lettuce tossed with our creamy garlic dressing topped with corn tortilla chips, asiago, bacon and sweet pickled jalapenos.
Classic BBQ Bowl
Rice and beans, coleslaw, crispy chick peas. Topped with your choice of smoked chicken, lean brisket, smoky pork, fried avocado or hot cauliflower. Drizzled with sweet onion dressing
Southern Burrito Bowl
Rice and beans with fried avocado, corn and black bean salsa, queso, cheddar and sour cream with fresh warm flour tortillas topped with your choice of smoked chicken or lean brisket.
Hot chicken/hot caulifower caesar
Crisp romaine leaves tossed in our creamy lemon and garlic dressing and topped with fresh corn chips, sweet pickled jalapenos, asiago and bacon. Your choice of Tennessee hot fried chicken thigh or hot fried cauliflower.

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